They say if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well life gave me lemons but I decided to make limoncello instead and it was delicious! I gave it to friends and family for birthdays and Christmas which made me very popular; then we got the cherry tree. We handpicked the ripe fruit; ate some; and put the rest in vodka with sugar. And that was delicious too. Friends said we had to sell it. We resisted for a while then realised that everyone should have the opportunity to try our product. We found local fruit farms in Kent and now spend our summers picking fruit in the sun shine with our friends and family, which we turn into the most amazing vodka based drinks (legally we can’t call it flavoured vodka). We now use most of the classic British fruits including; plum, damson, raspberry, cherry, rhubarb, and a few not so British – chilli, cranberry and of course we still make our best selling limoncello.

We are always adding new flavours to list so keep checking, or alternatively contact us with a suggestion and we’ll try to create something for you!

We are proud of our product so we put our name to it, and we think you’ll like it too. We only use real fruit not fruit flavourings so you will taste the difference. We like to think that we bring together the best of the vodka world with the best fruit in the world, the natural meeting place of Russia and Kent. Only at Howards of Kent does the Volga meet the Medway
We sell at Craft Fairs so come and find us and try Howards of Kent drinks for yourself – we look forward to meeting you.

Claire Howard

Oh, the chicken? Well since you asked, we have two very happy chickens called Charlie and Lola who free range around our garden, and we thought they were so happy we’d put them on our label!



We meet all the current legal requirements and are registered with Bromley Council

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