On sunny summer days we can we seen in the fields of Kent picking the best fruit we can find to make Howards of Kent vodka based drinks. All our flavours can be drunk neat, with ice or go well with any mixers to give you a long refreshing drink. Flavours include:

Rhubarb with Attitude

one of our best sellers
You can add a slug of ginger ale and some ice cubes to turn it in to a long cool drink
or try adding a dash of dry martini and use a stick of rhubarb as a stirrer.
or add ice and soda water for a sweet taste
Or try equal amounts of rhubarb with attitude vodka, orange juice and pink lemonade
Or try 1 part 1 rhubarb with attitude vodka and 5 parts Red Bull
Where ever possible we pick our rhubarb from Kent but the recent very dry Springs have meant that we sometimes have to look further afield.

Raspberry Cane
our raspberries come from the Heart of Kent, so you know that they’re good
Try Howards of Kent raspberry Vodka based add a couple of fresh basil leaves, some fresh lemon juice, and top up your glass with chilled soda water, add fresh raspberries to garnish.
Or try equal amounts of Howards of Kent raspberry vodka and Howards of Kent Citrus Spice, add a splash of lime juice and top up with cranberry juice.
Or top up a glass of champagne or sparkling white wine with Howards of Kent Raspberry vodka , fresh raspberries at the bottom of the glass.

Ma Cherie
we bottle cherry brandy then leave it to mature before we sell it, allowing you to get the full rich flavour.
Try Howards of Kent Cherry Vodka based mixed orange juice and ice,
Or try Equal amounts of Howards of Kent Cherry Vodka based and orange juice and cranberry juice
Or add some rum to it
Or add some gin, a slash of lemon juice and top up with soda water
Or add equal amount of Howards of Kent Citrus Spice to it

Damson in Distress
made to a traditional recipe using fat juicy damsons giving it a full heady fruity flavor.
Try it poured into a glass of champagne
Or poured over some ice topped up with either tonic or lemonade a very refreshing tasty drink.

Rumpty Plumpty
made with Victoria Plums and rum, this is a rich drink and is best sipped slowly in front of a log fire in the company of those you love.

Our non Kent flavours include

this is the one that started it all off for us.
Just delicious, try it with lemonade, or pink grapefruit juice or pour it over vanilla icecream

Winter Warmer
Full of Christmas flavour to warm your soul

After Dark
A sophisticated after dinner drink, made with real coffee beans

As many of our flavours are made with seasonal fruit – unfortunately when its sold out we can’t make any more for another year , so if you are after a particular flavour contact us and we’ll try to make sure we bring it with us.
And remember – we are always developing new flavours



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